M3 Open Node

The M3 open node is based on a STM32 (ARM Cortex M3) micro-controller. Like the WSN node this next generation contains a set of sensors and a radio interface. Main evolutions are a more powerfull 32-bits processing, a new ATMEL radio interface in 2.4 Hz and more sensors.

Data Sheet

MCU ARM Cortex M3, 32-bits, 72 Mhz, 64kB RAM – STM32F103REY
radio communication 802.15.4 PHY standard, 2.4 Ghz – AT86RF231
external memory 128 Mbits external Nor flash – N25Q128A13E1240F
LEDs green, red, blue
power 3,7V LiPo battery, 650 mAh – GMB 063040
Operating-Systems FreeRTOS, Contiki, Riot
design m3opennode

More details on GitHub