IoT-LAB can be used for educational purpose by Universities or Engineering Schools.

Using IoT-LAB for practical courses

The platform can be used for student projects or practical courses on wireless sensor networks or Internet of Things.

  • At least one reference teacher must have an IoT-LAB account and have accepted the charter
  • The reference teacher must contact, at least one month in advance, the IoT-LAB administrators by email to reserve a complete site during some courses period. The acceptance of the reservation is given according to the schedule of use for research or maintenance activities.
  • The IoT-LAB administrators will generate a set of automatic generic accounts for students. These accounts will be used during class by the students
  • The practical courses using FIT IoT-LAB will be cited in the list below with a web link when it is possible. You can also put a short description of the courses on the IoT-LAB wiki


University/School Year Title Reference teacher
University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland 2018 Software Foundations Daniele Puccinelli
Télécom ParisTech 2018 Réseaux mobiles et Internet des objets (RIO) Alexandre Abadie
ENSEA 2018 Électronique de Systèmes de Communication (ESC) Cedric Adjih
Sapienza University of Roma 2018 Pervasive Systems Ioannis Chatzigiannakis
Institut Mines-Telecom Lille-Douai 2018 Internet des objets (Master 2 Réseau et Telecom (RT)) Nathalie Mitton
Chalmers University of Technology 2017 Developing applications and network protocols for IoT Beshr Al Nahas, Olaf Landsiedel
Telecom ParisTech 2017 Wireless networks and IoT Philippe Martins
Université de Strasbourg 2015 Internet des Objets, Master 2 RISE Julien Montavont
ITS School from Ohio University 2015 ITS 6900 Emerging Topics in Networking: Internet of Things Julio Arauz
METU – Middle East Technical University 2014 CENG530 Computer Networks and Communications (graduate course) Ertan Onur
UJF Grenoble – MiSCIT 2014/2015/2016/2017/2018 Distributed Algorithms and Network Systems Federica Garin
Institut Mines-Telecom Lille-Douai 2012/2013/2014/2015/2016/2017 Internet des Objets /Réseau d’objets communicants (UV ROC 5e année) Nathalie Mitton
Polytech Grenoble – RCIM 2010 Tutoriel Senslab Didier Donsez