Terms of Service

IoT-LAB is a mutualized scientific tool designed to foster experimentation on realistic, large scale, wireless sensor network applications. The platform is used by many people with varying needs and requires resources reservation. Quality of service is reckoned decent albeit on a best-effort basis. In particular, general availability is not guaranteed to be 24/7, nor are hosted user accounts guaranteed to be safe, and there is no backup of experiments measurement results.


Usage of FIT IoT-LAB is free of charge. In return, you must quote FIT IoT-LAB in your publication if your experiments results are based on FIT IoT-LAB testbed:

  1. Add acknowledgements to FIT IoT-LAB in introduction or conclusion of the publication.
  2. Add citation to the reference article of FIT IoT-LAB (see below).

    FIT IoT-LAB: A Large Scale Open Experimental IoT Testbed – C. Adjih, E. Baccelli, E. Fleury, G. Harter, N. Mitton, T. Noel, R. Pissard-Gibollet, F. Saint-Marcel, G. Schreiner, J. Vandaele, T. Watteyne – IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things (IEEE WF-IoT), Milan, Italy, December 2015

  3. Send email to admin@iot-lab.info once your publication has been accepted in order to update list.

Good Usage Rules

  1. Please try to schedule large scale experiments at night-time (19:00 to 09:00 local time of the cluster sensor nodes) or over week-ends.
  2. Between 09:00 and 19:00 (local time of the cluster sensor nodes) you should not use more than 3 hours on all the sensor nodes of a local platform during a given day.
  3. You should not have more than 2 reservations in advance, because it kills down resource usage. Please optimize and submit jobs instead.
  4. You must mention FIT IoT-LAB in all publications presenting results or contents obtained or derived from the usage of IoT-LAB. Moreover you should notify FIT IoT-LAB team by email, admin@iot-lab.info, in order to be added to the FIT IoT-LAB publications website list.

Privacy Policy

  1. Persons with access to the IoT-LAB platform promise not to share their account. Access rights are personal and can not be delegated.
  2. IoT-LAB users must respect the applicable legislation in its totality, most notably concerning computer security and intellectual property.
  3. Platform usage is monitored by IoT-LAB staff. In case of bad use, your account will be locked.

Mailing List

As an IoT-LAB user you are automatically subscribed to the IoT-LAB users mailing-lists. This mailing list is mainly dedicated to technicals questions around IoT-LAB usage and maintenance announcements. So keep an eye on it in order to keep inform about the testebed activity.

Technical questions sent to IoT-LAB admins only might also be redirected and answered to IoT-LAB users mailing-lists if the answer could be share with all users.

Messages for advertising Call For Papers outside the scope of IoT-LAB are forbidden. Please use dedicated channel like TCCC for promoting your conference or journal. Only workshops or summer schools promoting usage of IoT-LAB are allowed. Users breaking the rules will be temporarily banned from the mailing list. In case of a second attempt, user might be definitively revoked from the mailing list.

Platform Description

IoT-LAB is an accurate and efficient scientific tool, built to help and foster the design, development, tuning, and experimentation of large scale realistic sensor network applications. The platform is distributed among six sites: Grenoble, Lille, Rennes, Saclay, Strasbourg, Institut Telecom, and is composed of 2728 nodes. Each location hosts sensor nodes with specific characteristics, some of them mobile, providing heterogeneity and a wide range of potential setups.

IoT-LAB targets a large spectrum of research activities: radio resource optimization, MAC protocol design, routing protocols, capacity and provisioning, naming/addressing capabilities, energy awareness and optimization, scaling, self organizing structures, embedded OS design, application benchmarking and dimensioning. A software suite, available from the IoT-LAB github, offers a complete programming, debugging and tuning environment suitable for provisioning and designing wireless sensor network application.

IoT-LAB is a shared scientific tool, please make good use of it, and respect others. IoT-LAB staff admins work hard to keep the platform in good shape for experiments, and usually provide a very decent quality of service. As part of the process, platform usage is monitored. Misbehaving users will be locked out.

User storage

All users have a quota of 2Go to store their data (eg. SSH frontend home directory ) on each IoT-LAB site.

Since automatic monitoring can produce a lot of data (stored in .iot-lab/<exp_id> directory), a cleaning system is set up. It removes monitoring directories older than 6 months. Directories exceeding 2GB are deleted after only 1 month. So, think of saving your important data elsewhere.