IoT-LAB is a world-class mutualized infrastructure powered by a vibrant and diverse community of users – Share your experience !

IoT-LAB is a shared scientific tool used by many people doing research in various fields, addressing wireless communications, sensor networks, low power routing protocols, embedded and distributed applications. Users are encouraged to share their experience, improvement ideas and results. You can contribute directly to the IoT-LAB wiki using your github account, or leverage the IoT-LAB tracker, or use the IoT-LAB mailing-list.


IoT-LAB admin fixing nodes on a large scale

To add your publications or educational material to this web-portal, please contact IoT-LAB administrators. See the charter and make sure you quote FIT IoT-LAB in published work. Check-out the tutorials to take a crash course with the platform.

IoT-LAB hardware and software are subject to open licences: CeCILL License for the software and Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License for the hardware schematics.