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IoT-LAB: a very large scale open testbed

IoT-LAB provides a very large scale infrastructure facility suitable for testing small wireless sensor devices and heterogeneous communicating objects.


Heterogeneous Platform

IoT-LAB features over 1500 wireless sensor nodes spread across six different sites in France.  Nodes are either fixed or mobile and can be allocated in various topologies throughout all sites.  A variety of wireless sensors are available, with different processor architectures (MSP430, STM32 and Cortex-A8) and different wireless chips (802.15.4 PHY @ 800 MHz or 2.4 GHz).  In addition, “open nodes” can receive custom wireless sensors for inclusion in IoT-LAB testbed.

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Mobility in Experimentation

IoT applications involve mobile entities with either controlled or uncontrolled mobility. That’s why IoT-LAB testbed offers some mobile nodes. They move on the ground in the space that contains the fixed nodes. The user interaction with the mobile open-node is similar to that of a fixed node.

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Application Development

IoT-LAB offers web-based reservation and tooling for applications development, along with direct command-line access to the platform.  Sensor nodes firmwares can be built from source and deployed on reserved nodes, application activity can be controlled and monitored, power consumption or radio interference can be measured using the provided tools.

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Part of Larger Federations

IoT-LAB is part of the FIT experimental platform, a set of complementary components that enable experimentation on innovative services for academic and industrial users.  The project gives French Internet stakeholders a way to experiment with mobile wireless communications, both on network and application layers, thereby accelerating the design of advanced networking technologies for the Future Internet.
FIT is part of OneLab facility which provides single entry point for federated infrastructures.

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