On the Grenoble site, the nodes are deployed at Inria Grenoble – Rhône-Alpes. They are spread across corridors of the the ground floor. This site is very popular for large network and multi-hop experimentations.

boards IoT-LAB A8-M3 228 IoT-LAB M3 380 Microchip SAMR34 2 Nucleo WL55JC 5 Raspberry Pi 3 5


Grenoble testbed is deployed at a building scale, over the ground floor of Inria building, through corridors in the raised floors and dropped ceilings.

  • The nodes in the raised floors are fixed horizontally under the tiles.
  • The nodes in the dropped ceilings are fixed vertically to the wall at a height of 2.6 m and 3.2 m.

We have also added an extension with a room (i.e. K on the plan) to plug in the new boards and manage LoRa deployment with a The Things Network gateway.

Here is the distribution of nodes:

  • J corridor
    • floor: m3-[1-69]
    • ceiling: m3-[359-380], a8-[1-58]
  • F1 corridor:
    • floor: m3-[70-94]
    • ceiling: a8-[59-77]
  • F2 corridor:
    • floor: m3-[95-178]
  • F3 corridor:
    • floor: m3-[179-205]
    • ceiling: a8-[78-94]
  • F4 corridor:
    • floor: m3-[206-289]
    • ceiling: a8-[95-148]
  • G corridor:
    • floor: m3-[290-358]
    • ceiling: a8-[149-228]
  • K room:
    • nucleo-wl55jc-[1-5]
    • samr34-[1-2]
    • rpi3-[1-5]

See the video and photos below to visit the deployment across the building.


Some IoT-LAB A8-M3 boards deployed in Grenoble are equipped with a GPS chip. It allows to synchronize precisely data collection from these nodes together. They are located near the GPS antenna repeater at the corner of corridor J and F.

Here is the list of these 32 nodes:

  • a8-1, a8-3, a8-4, a8-8,
  • a8-10, a8-11, a8-13, a8-15,
  • a8-16, a8-19, a8-20, a8-59,
  • a8-61, a8-63, a8-65, a8-68,
  • a8-70, a8-129, a8-130, a8-131,
  • a8-132, a8-134, a8-135, a8-136,
  • a8-137, a8-138, a8-139, a8-142,
  • a8-143, a8-144, a8-147, a8-148

And its abbreviated form: 1+3-4+8+10-11+13+15-16+19-20+59+61+63+65+68+70+129-132+134-139+142-144+147-148