Makerdiary nRF52840-MDK

board ID deployment

The nrf52840-mdk board corresponds to the Makerdiary nRF52840-MDK board. It runs on an nRF52840 ARM CortexM4 microcontroller from Nordic with BLE and 802.15.4 radio support.

The nrf52840-mdk board can reset, debug and program the ARM Cortex M4 through the embedded debugger (DapLink) connected to the gateway USB port. This component also allows a UART connection to the M4.

IoT-LAB special configuration

The serial connection baudrate should be configured at 115200 bauds in the firmware and use UART0/UARTE0 on pin 19 (RX) and 20 (TX).

Schematics and Datasheets

The hardware configuration is available  here.

The board is running on an  nrf52840 microcontroller.