Workshop Internet Of Things/Equipex FIT IoT-LAB

29 Sep 2015

After the first FIT IoT-LAB workshop last year in Grenoble, which hosted 70 attendees, we propose a second edition in Lille on October 14 & 15, 2015.

This workshop has the dual purpose of allowing exchanges on research and presenting talks and tutorials on various topics in the IoT domain. It specifically targets experimentation through testing, verification, deployment, integration, management and federation of experimental platforms. It will bring together people from academia and industry, in several areas of research so that they can exchange ideas about the current and the future of the IoT.

The first day will be dedicated to conference sessions; the second day to tutorials on using FIT IoT-LAB.

Come to visit the platform and meet us.

Details and Presentations

Rescom SmartCities Summer School

07 Jul 2015

Late june was held in Lyon (France) the Rescom summer school on smart cities.

A 3 hours tutorial on FIT platforms was given to attendees. It was the opportunity to learn how to experiment through the Onelab webportal on the NITOS Lab and directly on the IoT-LAB facility.

  • SlidesA presentation on FIT facilities was given in introduction by Dr. Timur Friedman
  • Tutorial

Maintenance operation of May 26th

27 May 2015

The whole FIT IoT-LAB testbed was closed on May 26th for maintenance and upgrade operations.

During this day we deployed a new site and software; here are the details:

  • New Paris Iot-LAB site
  • CLI tools upgrade to version 1.6.0: we implemented a new command-line tool for robot management and the opportunity to update the nodes profile configuration during experiment. See changelog :
  • Debugging with M3 nodes: we add feature for debugging remotely M3 nodes from SSH frontend. Learn how to use it through this documentation

RIOT OS on M3 nodes

27 Feb 2015

IoT-LAB supports various embedded operating systems that are well suited for the Internet Of Things, such as RIOT OS. RIOT is a real-time multi-threading operating system that considers devices with minimal resources that are typically found in the Internet of Things.

To enable IoT-LAB and RIOT users to compile and run this OS on M3 nodes you can consult this documentation

Maintenance operation of February 5th

25 Feb 2015

The whole FIT IoT-LAB testbed was closed on February 5th for maintenance and upgrade operations.

During this day we deployed new software; here are the details:

Radio sniffer

We implemented new features linked to Control Nodes, that let’s you configure them as radio sniffers during experiments. Learn how to use it through this documentation. More details on implementation are documented on GitHub.

New Linux kernel on A8 nodes

Linux kernel of open A8 nodes have been updated to version 3.18.5. Read the Linux nodes tutorial to discover usage and features.

CLI tools upgrade to version 1.5.3

See changelog :

New aggregation tools

Creation of a dedicated repo on GitHub – Learn how to use serial_aggregator through this documentation. Learn how to use sniffer_aggregator through sniffer documentation.

Onelab federation

As FIT platforms are part of the Onelab Experimental Facility, and to highlight this federation aspect, we updated our website and webportal to follow Onelab and FIT style guides. Moreover, Onelab users can use their email/password to Sign In on the webportal to use advanced features of the testbed.