New look, new content

09 Jul 2020

We just released a new version of our website. We worked hard to bring you a more user-friendly and ergonomic experience, but also a more up-to-date and exhaustive content.

A diet menu

The navigation menu has been significantly reduced to ease browsing and finding information.

A new way of learning

As a result of the work carried out for the Mooc “Internet of Things with Microcontrollers: a hands-on course”, we are hosting now our own JupyterLab service at It allows users to perform easily practical activities with Jupyter Notebooks in a fully installed and setup environment. It’s a perfect way to discover testbed features, but also the use of RIOT and Contiki-NG.

A slight impact on the web portal

To keep the same visual integration between the website and the webportal, this later has also evolved. We’ve been able to integrate the webportal navigation menu in the website navigation bar. The former additionnal grey navigation bar has disappeared and been replaced by a toolbar in the top-right corner.

N. B. For people who need to point to an old content, we archived the previous version of the website at