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IoT-LAB is a scientific tool used by many people doing research in various fields, addressing wireless communications, sensor networks, low power routing protocols, embedded and distributed applications, etc. Users are encouraged to share their experience, improvement ideas and results.

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The platform can be used for student projects or practical courses on Wireless Sensor Networks or Internet of Things.

Using IoT-LAB for practical courses

  • At least one reference teacher must have an IoT-LAB account and have accepted the charter.
  • The reference teacher must contact, at least one month in advance, the IoT-LAB administrators by email to reserve a complete site during some courses period. The acceptance of the reservation is given according to the schedule of use for research or maintenance activities.
  • The IoT-LAB administrators will generate a set of dedicated accounts for students.
  • The practical courses using FIT IoT-LAB will be cited in the list below with a web link when it is possible.

Mooc (Massive Open Online Course)

Course: Internet of Things with Microcontrollers: a hands-on course

Three sessions have been held:
  • From April 12, 2022 to June 15, 2022
  • From Feb. 1, 2021 to April 1, 2021
  • From March 30, 2020 to May 31, 2020

Referenced courses

University/School Year Title Referent teacher
IUT, Blagnac 2024-2023 Localisation par UWB dans l'IoT Thierry Val
Universite de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour 2024-2023 Internet of Things Akram Hakiri
University of Oulu, Finland 2024-2023 Internet of Things Abhishek Kumar
Polytech Tours 2024-2018 Plateforme MCU pour l’IoT Alexis Rolland
University of Strasbourg 2024-2022 Internet des Objets
from M2 SIRIS (UFR de mathématique et d'informatique), RIO 3A (Telecom Physique Strasbourg)
Amaury Bruniaux & Guillaume Schreiner
ENSEA 2023-2018 Électronique de Systèmes de Communication Cedric Adjih & Alexandre Abadie
ENSTA 2023-2020 IC212: Réseaux sans fil et internet des Objets
IC221: Internet des objets et objets connectés
Keun-Woo Lim
Faculty of Business Administration in foreign languages 2023-2022 Internet of Things and Blockchain Akram Hakiri
FH Campus Wien 2023-2016 Mobile & Embedded Security
Internet of Things
from Master study programm "IT-Security"
Silvia Schmidt
Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences 2023-2022 IoT - From the Microcontroller to the Cloud Oleg Hahm
SPEIT, ParisTech Shanghaï JiaoTong University 2023-2020 802.15.4 et les systèmes embarqués Keun-Woo Lim
Sapienza University of Rome 2023-2018 Internet of Things Ioannis Chatzigiannakis & Andrea Vitaletti
Telecom Paris 2023-2017 Réseaux mobiles et Internet des objets
from Filière RIO (Réseaux, Internet des objets)
Keun-Woo Lim
Telecom Sud Paris 2023-2019 TP Internet des objets (802.15.4 et LoRaWAN) Alexandre Abadie
Universidad Técnica del Norte 2023-2022 Internet of Things - Usage protocols 802.15.4g (2.4GHz-SubGHz), LoRa, BLE Edgar Maya Olalla
University of Grenoble Alpes 2023-2014 Distributed Algorithms and Network Systems
Federica Garin & Frederic Saint-Marcel
University of Strasbourg 2023-2021 Protocoles de communication
from 2A TIS and 2A (Telecom Physique Strasbourg)
Guillaume Schreiner
University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland 2023-2018 Software Foundations Daniele Puccinelli
University of Strasbourg 2022-2020 Réseaux Sans Fil
from M1 SIRIS (UFR de mathématique et d'informatique), RIO 2A (Telecom Physique Strasbourg)
Julien Montavont
University of Strasbourg 2022-2019 Internet des Objets
from M2 SIRIS (UFR de mathématique et d'informatique), RIO 3A (Telecom Physique Strasbourg)
Thomas Noël & Guillaume Schreiner
Centrale Supélec, Rennes 2021-2020 Systèmes Embarqués et Internet des objets, session Introduction à RIOT Alexandre Abadie
Ecole Centrale Lille 2020-2019 Informatique sans fil et internet des objets Nathalie Mitton
IMT Nord Europe & University of Lille 2020-2015 Réseaux sans fil et réseaux de capteurs Nathalie Mitton
SPEIT, ParisTech Shanghaï JiaoTong University 2020-2018 IoT et énergie Philippe Martins
Télécom Sud Paris 2020-2019 TP Internet des objets (802.15.4 et LoRaWAN) Cédric Adjih & Alexandre Abadie
University of Lille 2020-2018 Internet des objets
from Master TII
Nathalie Mitton
University of Strasbourg 2020-2019 Réseaux Sans Fil
from M1 SIRIS (UFR de mathématique et d'informatique), RIO 2A (Telecom Physique Strasbourg)
Julien Montavont, Sebastian Sampayo
CapTronic 2019-2018 Formation professionnelle d'Initiation à RIOT
Alexandre Abadie
Télécom Paris 2019-2018 Réseaux mobiles et Internet des objets (RIO) Alexandre Abadie
University of Strasbourg 2019-2015 Internet des Objets
from Master 2 RISE (UFR de mathématique et d'informatique), INOC 3A (Telecom Physique Strasbourg)
Julien Montavont, Antoine Gallais, Guillaume Schreiner
Institut Mines Nord Europe 2019-2018 Internet des objets
from Master 2 Réseau et Telecom
Nathalie Mitton
Sapienza University of Roma 2018-2016 Pervasive Systems Ioannis Chatzigiannakis
Chalmers University of Technology 2018-2017 Developing applications and network protocols for IoT Beshr Al Nahas & Olaf Landsiedel
Telecom Paris 2018-2017 Wireless networks and IoT Philippe Martins
ITS School from Ohio University 2016-2015 ITS 6900 Emerging Topics in Networking: Internet of Things Julio Arauz
METU – Middle East Technical University 2015-2014 CENG530 Computer Networks and Communications (graduate course) Ertan Onur