Reducing WSN430 nodes support

15 Dec 2017

We will gradually reduce WSN430 nodes support after good and loyal services during ten years on the IoT-LAB testbed.

Originally, we had four sites with different hardware nodes:

  • WSN430 v1.3b (TI CC1101 radio chipset) on Grenoble and Strasbourg sites
  • WSN430 v1.4 (TI CC2420 radio chipset) on Euratech and Rennes sites

Since Thursday 30 November:

  • we stopped WSN430 v1.3b nodes on the Grenoble site
  • we stopped WSN430 v1.4 nodes on the Rennes site and shut down this site

Since we have an issue on the consumption monitoring software, which appears not consistent, and we no longer have the skills on this software, we deactivated this monitoring feature at the same time (i.e. WSN430 Profile management). On remaining WSN430 (i.e. in Euratech and Strasbourg), you are still able to launch experiments, flash firmwares and start/stop/reset nodes.

Next summer:

  • we will stop WSN430 v1.4 nodes on the Euratech site and shutdown this site

The Strasbourg site will continue to provide WSN430 v1.3b nodes until further notice.

Fundamentals and Applications of the Internet of Things Workshop – Santiago, Chile

13 Nov 2017

We’ll give an official tutorial at the Fundamentals and Applications of the Internet of Things Workshop on November 15.

This Workshop is organised by the Instituto de Ingenería Matemática y Computacional de la Universitad Católica and Inria Chile.

Program and information:

New RIOT tutorials available on IoT-LAB

13 Sep 2017

The IoT-LAB testbed supports various embedded operating systems available for the Internet Of Things, such as RIOT.

In order to show networking capabilities of RIOT on the testbed, the IoT-LAB team has prepared 3 new tutorials:

Other RIOT tutorials are also available on the Learn page.

JDEV 2017

05 Jul 2017

The FIT IoT-LAB team will be at the JDEV conference this year, taking place in Marseille, July 4-7.

JDEV is the DevLOG communiy annual event, gathering 500 people, mostly french academics, but also some people from companies, all involved in software development.

We will give a talk and a tutoriel in the Embedded, WSN and IoT track (see T1 program)

  • tutorial: Wednesday afternoon
  • presentation: Tuesday morning ne

Hope to see some of you there!

New SSH CLI Tools

15 May 2017

After the release of a new version of the CLI Tools a few weeks ago, we are happy to announce the new SSH CLI Tools are now available on the testbed.

The IoT-LAB team has specially designed these tools to remotely control the A8 nodes from the SSH frontends or from a local machine. With the SSH CLI Tools, you’ll find interesting features such as:

  • flashing/resetting the M3 behind the A8
  • waiting for the system boot of all A8 of an experiment
  • running commands on the frontend or on the A8
  • running a script in background on the A8

You can read the documentation here.

The SSH CLI Tools source code is available on GitHub so if you find bugs or potential improvements, feel free to propose a Pull Request or open an issue.

Finally, since the SSH CLI Tools are available on PYPI, you can use them from your computer. In this case, they can be installed using pip:

sudo pip install iotlabsshcli