PARIS M3 A8 robots

Paris testbed is located at Institut Mines-Telecom, Paris XIII.


  • 90 M3 open nodes
  • 70 A8 open nodes


The Paris testbed is composed of 160 nodes pinned on the walls of a 35 m2 L-shaped room on 4 horizontal rows.

Paris IMT Map

Robots (available soon)

In the middle, 10 robots (Turtlebots) will soon move and be able to adapt thieir behavior to what they see through their camera. To influence robots mobility, the room is surrounded by 6 RGB LED strips (each strip contains about 280 LEDs) that are fully configurable by the experimenter. The color of each LED can be defined independently, allowig the user to simulate a moving target or physical phenomena to which the robots can respond.


Paris-IMT-_MG_2137      Paris-IMT-_MG_2119       Paris-IMT-_MG_2151 Paris-IMT-_MG_2162       Paris-IMT-_MG_2132       Paris-IMT-_MG_2129

Testbed pictures by Claude Chaudet

Header picture by Benh LIEU SONG (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons